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The Colorado Virtual Academy—the only K¹² Certified School in the state—combines visionary leadership and the highest-quality distance-learning curriculum available today to provide an innovative, highly effective education for Colorado students.

The Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA) is a state-approved public charter school. The curriculum is provided by K¹², and is accessed via an Online School (OLS) as well as through more traditional methods, with materials—including books, CDs, and even bags of rocks and dirt—delivered right to your family's doorstep.

Parents and students are assigned their own highly qualified, licensed teacher to help guide and track their progress through the curriculum. There are regular, face-to-face meetings as well.

Student/student interaction is actively encouraged, so COVA students are always well-educated and well-socialized.

Who is this intended for?
Colorado Virtual Academy serves students in grades K-11
across the state.
What are the costs?
Because it is part of the public school system, COVA is tuition free. The entire curriculum, a loaner computer and printer, and high-speed Internet access are also free.
How do I get started?
Fill out the form to the right to learn more about COVA and
to find out how to enroll your child!

Colorado Virtual Academy is proud to use the exceptional curriculum from K¹². Developed by noted leaders in the education field, math and reading specialists, and veteran public- and private-school teachers, the K¹² curriculum is known as one of the most researched and effective learning programs in the nation.

With a laser focus on how kids actually learn, the K¹² curriculum helps all kinds of kids unlock their personal full academic potential and achieve mastery of the key concepts and skills they will need to succeed in life. Students learn through instruction, texts, hands-on experiences, and an easy-to-use Online School (OLS), supported by supplemental materials.

From gifted children, to kids whose lives require an individualized schooling schedule, to those who need a gentler pace than in a traditional classroom, K¹² provides an adaptable but focused learning environment and a rigorous, high-caliber education that meets or exceeds Colorado academic standards. With more than 700 lessons per grade level, you can be sure your children are receiving thorough instruction in:

  • Language Arts/English
  • Math
  • Science
  • History
  • Art
  • Music

High school students take courses in these core subjects, and also have access to electives such as foreign languages and AP® courses.

Parents of Colorado Virtual Academy's students never need to feel alone in the education process. Our California-credentialed teachers are constantly involved in the instruction of your child by helping with teaching techniques, pacing issues, comprehension challenges, positive reinforcement techniques, and other facets of the instruction experience.

Teachers interact with their assigned families on a regular basis during:

  • Consistently scheduled conference calls
  • Parent/teacher workshops
  • Teacher-guided gatherings and clubs
  • Online synchronized instructional opportunities

At the Colorado Virtual Academy, we've also taken great care to think outside of the classroom. The program aims to bring families, neighbors, and the Colorado Virtual Academy community together through community service days, science fairs, spelling bees, and other gatherings each year. Gatherings might include:

  • Museums
  • Roller- and ice-skating parks
  • Local zoos
  • Parks
  • Libraries
  • Academic gatherings featuring writing, science, and more

Eligibility Requirements

The Colorado Virtual Academy accepts eligible students in kindergarten through eleventh grade who reside in Colorado. Student who are age seven or older on October 1, 2007 are required to have been enrolled in the public school system the prior school year for at least a semester, including October 1 (residents of Adams County excepted).

Students who have turned five by September 1, 2007 are eligible without the public school requirement. Incoming kindergarten students must be 5 years of age by September 1, 2007.

Student Assessments

At Colorado Virtual Academy, assessments are integral tools for gathering information about students' progress, strengths, and weaknesses in order to provide the best possible education. They also help in determining the grades children receive each semester on their progress reports. The following are part of Colorado Virtual Academy's assessment program:

  • Placement assessments in math and reading
  • Lesson assessments to determine mastery on a daily basis
  • Unit assessments to assess mastery of the lessons in
    a unit
  • Semester evaluations
  • Teacher conferences and informal progress reviews
  • Colorado Department of Education required assessment (CSAP)
  • Literacy Assessments to comply wth Colorado Basic Literacy Act requirements

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